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Be inspired by the women around us!

Today we celebrate every woman on

the planet! We are strong, beautiful,

compassionate and much more than

words can ever say!

Every woman’s success should be an

inspiration to another so we would like

to shine the spotlight on two inspiring

Irish designers new to

County Boutique:

Kybalion is named after a script on self mastery and life's laws guiding us towards a fuller, happier and more meaningful existence. Rebecca Singleton is an Irish-based designer and jewellery artist with a passion for crafting distinctive pieces. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a special lady in your life, consider this lovely handmade jewellery. They are one-of-a-kind pieces, made from a high-quality materials and have ethical and sustainable practices.

Clare O'Connor is an Irish Artist and Designer. She is inspired by abstract art and her painting practice is playful, experimentative and full of flow and movement. Her aim is to communicate a heightened sense of energy with vibrant colours and positivity. Her scarves are timeless statement pieces, in line with sustainable fashion and are collectable editions of her art practice. A standout piece to gift to a loved one!