• Code of Conduct with all the factories they work with.
  • They use recycled materials for their polyester products "RPET" made from recylced bottle and explain how many bottles are used in each piece on the piece. 
  • They do not use non-animal friendly fabrics and they use 'GOTS' cotton.
  • If you buy well, by buying quality garments, you will end up buying less in the long term.

If you’re looking for unique prints, it doesn’t get much better than Amsterdam fashion brand, Fabienne Chapot. They’re known for designing their own prints in-house, quirky fashion-forward pieces, and dresses that flawlessly take you from day-to-night.

We’re in love with Fabienne Chapot’s use of patterns. Express your individual style with interesting cuts and standout colour combinations. Get free delivery when you spend above €100. Did you know? Watch out for items in our Sale!! Check it out.