Clare OConnor is an Irish Artist and Designer. She developed her art studio practice & brand of wearable art. Her passion is abstract painting and while studying Fine Art she became very interested and influenced by three German painters Albert Oehlen, Katarina Grosse & Charlene Von Heyl. Clare loved their use & sense of colour & the energy that they conveyed through their work. Clare's painting practice is playful and experimentative and approaches layers and fuses bold vibrant colour with contrasting stripes, pattern, collage and energetic mark making. Her work is visually diverse; the paintings/prints are process based and intuitive toying with the dynamic interplay of these different elements. Her aim is to communicate a heightened sense of energy, vibrant colour and positivity. Her scarves are timeless statement pieces, season-less and collectable editions of her art practice. The scarves have unique and striking colour-ways and a luxurious look and feel.