A key focus on Selected Femme's sustainable journey is their transition to using more sustainable fibres. They are now an almost 60% sustainable brand, using fibres that contribute to waste reduction, water conservation and lower emissions. Fibres that are natural and sourced with respect for farmers, animals and the land they graze on. For example 68% Organic Cotton, 36% recycled wool, 39% recycled polyester, 100% virgin down. Buy well, buy less!

Selected Femme is a fierce and vibrant brand that always designs women’s clothing with quality in mind. Their designs are incredibly unique and full of excitement. If you’re looking for a  brand that will help you express your own individual style then Selected Femme is the perfect brand to choose.

You can easily put together an outfit full of attitude and style with Selected Femme’s designs. From jumpers and trousers to shirts, dresses and coats you’ll be able to fill your wardrobe with a capsule range of sustainable pieces  Shop in our Selected Femme collection today and get free shipping when you spend over €100.