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Living with sustainable fashion!

Clothing is one of the most personal expressions of who we are!

Our clothes have a huge impact on the planet and sustainable fashion aims to produce garments using fabrics that are sourced sustainably, produced with an ethical process and will last longer thanks to higher quality.  The entire cycle of a garment from its design to potential uses and lifespan is considered in order for it to be classified as sustainable. 

We can leverage our everyday fashion choices to change the world by using more eco-conscious materials; fabrics that are both kinder to the planet and have a reduced environmental impact. Also, blends of organic and better-sourced cotton, viscose and recycled polyester. 

Join us on the journey of lighter living and step into sustainability with a touch of style. Get ready to turn some heads and show off your amazing look, causing as little harm to the planet as possible. 

Click on the images below for links to read about some of our  great brands with Sustainable Credentials!

Selected Femme, Henriette Steffensen, White Stuff, Miss Pom Pom, Tanta.

Happy shopping from Team CB!